So, how does the acquisition of Nokia’s cellphone business by Microsoft look to the Finns? Nokia is, after all, the pride of an entire nation.

We’re kind of sad that an era has come to and end – thanks for asking – but of course we knew the world would want a piece of what is an awesome mobile ecosystem. Good to have you here, Microsoft!

But to the point. What’s in it for you?

The big business news this month in Europe was the Nokia – Microsoft deal. Microsoft decided to acquire Nokia’s mobile phone unit.

For anyone watching closely, this didn’t come as much of a surprise. You buy a business, you get incredible knowhow and an entire region geared to be tech-savvy and mobile.

Finland is the only place on earth where you can design and build a mobile device from scratch in two weeks. Mind you: just citing facts here. That will only go to show how much mobile engineering expertise is clustered inside the national borders of this Nordic country.

Microsoft is not alone. Intel, Samsung, IBM, and Google are among the companies that have in the past year or two opened new R&D centers in Finland. (If you want to talk to them, happy to make the connection. Amcham’s proud of its members.)

Did you think “mobile” was just some cool and trendy devices? Think again. Mobile technology is revolutionizing everything about our lives. That is why we make a serious call: if not yet in Finland, whether you are in the medical sector, energy sector, or what have you, you should now quickly start establishing a presence in Finland.

Consider the way mobile technology is changing the medical sector through self-monitoring. Have you already met Finnish companies like Suunto, Polar or Sports Tracker? All trailblazers in health monitoring!

Just a few weeks ago, international experts of digitalized healthcare convened in Helsinki and declared that mobile technology will soon make hospitals useless as doctors can monitor their patients from a distance with the help of mobile technology. The first surgeries from a distance have also now been performed with the help of robots and mobile technology.

Today, Helsinki is easily the leading hub of digitalized health-care solutions.

Today, Helsinki is easily the leading hub of digitalized health-care solutions. This has been facilitated by Finland’s position as the favorite destination of highly-skilled medical professionals – and their research patients. For example the German pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, just this month expanded its research functions in Finland significantly.

So far, so good. More mobile lives, what’s not to like? But what about energy consumption?

Mobile technology has helped companies like BaseN to create highly sophisticated monitoring solutions for energy efficiency. Their technology allows bigger organizations to save significant amounts on their energy bills.

On the other hand, the cool and beautiful Baltic Sea makes Finland today’s most appealing location for data centers. The cold seawater is being used to cool down the massive computers in the data centers in an environmentally friendly way.

Want us to go on? We’ll be happy to.

Your first-stop destination could be our team member Antti. Run in the right direction. Run to Finland, now!