Helsinki-Vantaa airport could become Helsinki-Santa airport in a bid to capitalize on Finland’s most famous resident.

The international business community is backing the proposal, which has been submitted to a special parliamentary committee tasked with overseeing airport expansion.

Accommodating 15 million passengers a year, Scandinavia’s leading long-haul transit airport connects Europe and Asia via the shortest route.

Development of the airport, and surrounding business district, will help to meet the forecast 20 million passengers by 2020.

Santa’s brand could boost these numbers even further, supporters argue.

While Christmas is the busiest transit time of year, families travel to Finland year round to visit the big man in red, the proposal


Santa Claus says he’s thrilled with the idea because it helps him explain to all the boys and girls why his home base is Finland.

“Geographically, it’s an ideal gateway for me and my reindeers to set out on our important round the world trip.”

“Depending on weather conditions, I can tailor my route, leaving for Asia, Europe or the U.S.”

While Santa’s sleigh is reserved for Christmas Eve, he does travel by plane to other important business meetings. Watch him go through Rovaniemi airport, close his home in Korvatunturi, Santa Claus Village, on this video.

Amcham Finland supports the name change. Two thirds of its member companies see the airport expansion as key to their business growth, a TNS Gallup poll shows.

“It is high time for the world to be reminded where Santa is from. He’s not the only well-kept secret, we have. Finland is also a fantastic place for foreign direct investments,” C.E.O. Kristiina Helenius says, calling on politicians to get on board.

Prime Minister Alexander Stubb was unavailable for comment. It is understood that he is in favor of the plan.

*Disclaimer – This story is fictional. There are no plans to change the name of Helsinki Airport.

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