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How can we make Finland a more globally savvy and connected market? That’s what we as a business community asked ourselves four years ago.

The answer was: By making Amcham a true international business hub that enables the success of its members and, as a consequence, of the market as a whole.

As a community we agreed on what it would take for an international business hub to be relevant and worth your while. You gave five requirements that would differentiate Amcham Finland from the rest.

1. A neutral platform, on which you can form new and diverse coalitions and present ideas for a better international business environment.
2. Business development that will cut across industries instead of “events.”
3. New blood, not just the usual suspects.
4. Bright international talent as your extra resource.
5. More control and efficiency of your company’s memberships.

After four years of executing the strategy, we are well on our way to that high performing business platform you envisioned.

As a non-governmental, non-partisan, not-for-profit and member-funded association, Amcham Finland is totally independent. Your 400 fellow member companies are headquartered in 20 different countries, represent 20 different industries and comprise the most up-and-coming small and medium-sized growth companies, foreign affiliates and listed Nordic companies. It’s a great candidate pool for almost any venture.

The Amcham Finland team members stand ready to assist you are at South Beach in Helsinki and Times Square in New York City. Starting this month, we have the great pleasure of adding a seasoned executive Tuomo Keinänen to the team to cover the Scandinavian market for Amcham Finland (Tuomo will be based in Stockholm).

With these resources, members are leveraging Amcham Finland in clever ways. They tap into new networks and do advocacy, relationship-building, professional development and branding. While providing professionally produced content for C.E.O.s, expatriate executives, women in management positions and executive assistants respectively, the peer-to-peer networks can, indeed, serve many layers in your company.

More importantly, Amcham Finland supports five business-development programs in (1) inward investments (2) U.S. access (3) defense industry (4) life-sciences and healthcare, and (5) management of Nordic businesses that are building our competitive edge in the global economy and sharpening our vision. Each of the programs has several tracks for you to choose from.

We will, likely always, continue to promote quality investments and access to talent. That’s our higher calling. In the future, however, your issues will be raised more directly through the programs to ensure an immediate real-life application. I urge you to offer – and showcase – your company’s expertise, connections and drive to get the job done.

This year your Amcham team will consist of six different nationalities – or Kristina, Erika, Tuomo, Pia, Jenni, Kalliopi, Annie, Tomi, Virve, Mike, Katie, Rosa, Nina, Zacharoula and yours truly. We are committed and we care!

The board of directors was thrilled to welcome 65 new member companies to the community in 2016, and they don’t suspect the growth to stop.

Thank you so much for all the volunteering, hosting, pro bono services and advice last year. We appreciate all your wonderful contributions deeply.

Let’s have an amazing new year. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


P.S. What should we as a business community offer Finland that turns 100 years this year? What about a savvy and connected business community? There’s little else that would benefit the market more!