Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 8:00 – 10:00 AM
Amcham Finland Offices
Eteläranta 6 A 8,
00130 Helsinki

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It’s no secret that companies are under increasing pressure to become environmentally sustainable. Both investors and customers demand change for a positive long-term impact on the world, but how can you improve environmental performance while creating business value right now?

Fortunately there are plenty of simple green initiatives that can build your brand reputation for the future while boosting profits, such as choosing green energy suppliers or pursuing circular economy strategies when upgrading IT equipment.

Senior executives from four industry leaders, VattenfallHewlett Packard EnterpriseFazer and Hawkhill Cottage Resort, will share stories about their journeys to sustainability and how they communicate their strategies internally and externally. You will also hear from T-Media, a leading Finnish evidence based reputation advisory, about how different stakeholders will view your business in 10 years time and why you should act now, not later!

You’ll leave this morning event with answers to important questions:

  • Which ideas can I put into action now?
  • How can our IT department step up to the sustainability challenge?
  • What does it look like when sustainable values play a role in product or service development?
  • How do we communicate our company’s sustainability agenda both to internal and external stakeholders?
  • Ensuring an environmentally sustainable supply chain is an enormous task. What can we start with?
  • Why is nuclear energy an option when choosing fossil free energy sources?

Please join us to engage with the practical side of this huge topic. We encourage all CEOs, company owners, entrepreneurs, sustainability directors, purchase directors, and those in similar positions to attend. Light breakfast will be served.

Event Partners:

This event is full! Please click to register for the waiting list.

Event Speakers:

Helle Herk-Hansen

Vice President Environment

Helle Herk-Hansen leads Vattenfall’s corporate environmental function with responsibility to define environmental strategy and continuously improve environmental performance. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the Danish Technical University. Helle has 20 years of experience across several positions in the energy sector since 1998, and she joined Vattenfall in 2006.

It is Helle’s priority to engage with the business potential of environmental responsibility, not only in the compliance context. Therefore, she also takes an active role in strategic projects and initiatives in Northern Europe. She is currently in a Steerco for Climate adaptation related to the Nordic energy system, and she has previously accepted advisory roles regarding green growth and innovation for institutions, such as the Danish Government.

Helle Herk-Hansen resides in Copenhagen, but works primarily in Stockholm and Berlin.

Nina Elomaa

Head of Sustainability, Sustainability Director
Fazer Group

Nina Elomaa is passionate about sustainability and believes in positive development in the role businesses has in tackling the sustainability challenges facing the globe. She has wide experience in different businesses, such as energy, sourcing and sustainability. Presently she is Sustainability Director of Fazer Group. Her area of responsibility covers Sustainability in Fazer Group, including the bakery, confectionery, food service, milling and café businesses.

Harry Ollikainen

HPE Pointnext Country Manager, Finland and Baltics

Harry Ollikainen has over 20 years of experience working in the IT sector, and he has worked as Country Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Finland and Baltics, known as HPE Pointnext Services,  since 2017. Harry has previously worked in various management, business development and sales positions. He is inspired by the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when combining technology, services and sustainability.

Matti Ala-Outinen

Hawkhill Cottage Resort

Matti Ala-Outinen is an entrepreneur at Hawkhill Cottage Resort, a forerunner in the travel industry combining luxurious cottage accommodation and high quality services with sustainability and environment at heart. Hawkhill is a family company in the third generation. The cottages and villas are in the Nuuksio National Park only a few minutes from the owners’ childhood home and they want to make sure that clean nature can be enjoyed also in the future. Hawkhill uses their company as a tool to fight the climate change, this aim has been documented in the company strategy. The combination of quality and sustainability, which the company calls Nordic Luxury, has brought Hawkhill business growth and new opportunities.

Before switching full-time to travel industry Matti worked 15 years in IT, software and business development. He is also a co-founder at Moder, an all-in-one business management software company for cottage entrepreneurs. In addition to being a passionate free-skier and an innovator, Matti is an advocate to quick climate action by individuals and companies.

Leo Stranius

Director of Sustainable Future
T-Media Relations

Leo Stranius works as Director of Sustainable Future at T-Media Relations Oy. He has a Master’s degree in administrative science and previously worked as Executive Director of the Citizen Forum, the Finnish Nature League and the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

Carmen Ene

3 Step IT

Carmen Ene is the CEO of 3stepIT, a company whose service helps its customers manage technology investments (mainly smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops). The service adds value throughout the technology lifecycle, helping clients to improve their IT service level with up to date equipment, and providing IT devices at a lower overall cost.

With a circular economy business model, 3stepIT ensures that obsolescent devices are refurbished and reused, rather than dumped, so it helps improve the sustainability of its clients’ own IT operations. While 3stepIT’s service has a sustainability focus, Carmen is determined that this service is provided in the most sustainable possible way. Not only is it obviously the right thing to do, she sees sustainability as a way to involve and enthuse employees; a way to operate more efficiently; and a way to differentiate 3stepIT and gain a competitive edge.

Carmen is based in Helsinki, where 3stepIT has headquarters. It operates mainly in Nordic and Baltic countries, and has a joint venture company opening branches to take the service across most of Western Europe during 2020.

For more information, contact:

Rosa Thurman

Director of Foreign Affiliate Services and Sustainability
+358 45 699 5997