Before moving to Finland four years ago, I had lived my whole life in warm sunny California. Well, apart from a few Navy postings to locations in even warmer climates. Now, I appreciate sunshine like never before. Trips to the summer cottage, mökki in Finnish, are a welcome reward for enduring long, harsh, winters. You may be keen to disconnect, but it’s important your business remains online, particularly if you are in the US market and trying to grow.

While the US work tempo does slow during summer, it does not come to the grinding halt that Finland does. Deals are being made, orders booked, negotiations continue. The US and global markets do not wait. I cringe when I hear a Finnish entrepreneur tell potential investor they won’t be available for meetings until mid-August, in early July! No exaggeration. I have also seen acquisition deals lost due to Finland’s “radio silence” during summer months. What a shame.

So enjoy the sun, saunas and BBQs, I know I will! But if you are an entrepreneur I urge you to stay connected. Don’t set up an Out of Office reply for a month. Just think, Facebook was built in a single summer. What are you looking to accomplish?

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