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Empower Yourself!

To secure your position as a dynamic communicator and leader of people, it is worth investing the time to listen carefully to experts, internalize what they teach, and use it

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Connecting the Dots to Create Value

It was a hot, summer day in gorgeous Tuscany. We arrived in a small village in Chianti, where we’d heard there was an amazing ice cream place. Driving around, we searched, but had no luck. We had already given up when suddenly – there it was, right in front of us. I had lime-basil ice cream, something I’d never imagined as a combination, but it worked: delicious.

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Amcham Finland is a community of people that advances the exchange of all sorts of things in Finland and beyond: goods, services, experiences, knowledge, relationships and much more. It facilitates people being part of the world in a more meaningful way. It’s a door-opener and connector: a way to meet others, who in turn open new possibilities. We drive our members’ interests at nearly all levels—from the intimately personal to the hard facts and cold dollar bills.

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Fly High, Land Safely

If the authorities decide to make an unannounced inspection – is your company ready? Crisis management plans are important. They may save you your company and your career.

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Influencing in a Post-Truth World

Corporate citizens have much to contribute. Now we know how they’d like to do it.

We called up the Amcham membership to discuss how they think influencing should happen in today’s day and age. That’s a hot topic for several reasons.

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Hot Cool Brand

Michel Dallemagne has done it with Dove, Sunsilk and TRESemme. Now the freshly minted C.E.O. is building a global brand for Lumene.

Michel makes it clear right off the bat. There are some must-get-rights of successful branding.

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