He’s a guy who is used to looking at things from a business angle. As an ambassador, he is not just taking his own advice. His job is to tell others where the economic action is.

He thinks the New North is the next big thing.

Bruce Oreck wanted to come to Finland because of his passion for sustainable development. He did find the innovation center for clean tech, but in the four years, he has lived in Finland, he has discovered an even bigger development.


“Finland is really the epicenter of the New North. It’s the place, not just to find new markets and easy ways to transport and market goods, but also to showcase the real manufacturing of the 21st century – much of it intellectual capital.”

“Finland is an incredibly well-educated place with an access to markets and people that are highly educated. whether your product is a physical product, or whether it’s software, engineering, or a thought- based process, Finland is clearly the place to do business, visit and live. It’s a place you can do business in English anywhere.”

The United States has already acted upon the discovery. It invested EUR 120 Million in a new business center dubbed the “Innovation Center” in downtown Helsinki to serve the regional market of Russia, the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, and, of course, Finland.

I invite you to come, come and do business.

-Bruce Oreck