The past year has been marked by incredible developments and achievements that we’re proud to have made possible together with the Amcham community.

It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, what matters is where you’re going. There’s one thing we all share: we’re Ambition Champions, and we’re going to reach further.

Every year we are privileged to recognize those that have really gone above and beyond – those Amchampions who have taken it upon themselves to go the extra mile in improving the business environment and facilitating Amcham’s mission.

So, without further ado, we are pleased to announce the 2017 nominees.

Member of the Year

Active throughout the community, these companies support our business sessions and platforms, providing their expertise, network, resources, and insights. These companies know how to make the most out of their Amcham season ticket to international business.


Rookie of the Year

There is nothing novice about these Amchampions. During their first year in the community they have hit the ground running: attending programs, networking and advocating on behalf of our business hub.

Zero Keyboard

Amchampion of the Year

Volunteering time and expertise, these individuals promote and drive our mission in the broader business community. Eager to engage, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these leaders to others.

• Egbert Schram, Itim International
• Joe Pimenoff, Beneq
• Michael Student, Sullivan & Worcester

To honor the nominees, raise a toast with one another, and announce the winners, we will hold an awards ceremony at our Active Season Kick-Off event on September 7. Do come and celebrate with us!

In the meantime, have a look at last year’s winners:

Member of the Year – Hanken & SSE
Rookie of the Year – Blic
Amchampion of the Year – Rauli Mård