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The new Life Science Group gives companies business-development support they thought they’d never have.

Finland has a thriving life science business sector with hundreds of companies and dozens of pharma or life science related universities and institutions.

What else does Finland have? Extensive health data and bio banks, streamlined legislation, an open environment for clinical R&D and a booming digital start-up community. All set. What’s missing?

Nothing really, with Amcham’s Life Science Group (LSG) filling the void of business potential yet to be identified. The LSG is set to facilitate the building of new ecosystems and creating new dynamic capabilities and profit centers.

Finland, a large country with a scattered population, has always required a highly-functional infrastructure and close collaboration between public and private players. Adding to that, Finns have a strong cultural tradition of obeying and adopting rules and regulations. Our science-friendly population trusts that they exist to serve the people.

In practice this combination makes Finland a perfect “laboratory” for testing and implementing innovations and new business models. Finns, along with the other Nordic countries, rank highest in the world as early adopters of new innovation and, yes, we are happy to share our discoveries with the rest of the world.

Big is no longer better, as smaller actors are agile and have a better response time to the fast-evolving trends in and outside of the business world. However, local developments can and should have a global impact, too.

What is the Life Science Group? Amcham members from the areas of pharma, medical services, health tech, and digital solutions identifying business challenges, gaps, needs and obstacles.

The Life Science Growth Project, made possible with expertise from Eera and support from Tekes, is developing, testing and analyzing these cases and bringing solutions across the industry.

All new business development plans we are set to identify will have to scale beyond our test laboratory from day one. The LSG has made it its mission.

The process has already begun. Join us on December 13 for an official project kick-off at Amcham with the Life Science Group.

Things are boiling in Finland’s life science sector and we are adding fuel to the fire. Expect a high return on investment and lots of good news to come.