Tuesday, October 2, 8:30 – 10:30 AM
Hard Rock Cafe
Aleksanterinkatu 21, Helsinki

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Finnish business leaders want to succeed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), but sometimes lack the technical expertise to put this emerging technology into practice. Many decision makers approach AI with a positive attitude, yet have difficulty understanding the specific applications of AI in their industry. How do you know what’s possible, who needs to be part of the project, and what do quality results look like?

This event features three speakers who can break down the potential of AI and make it relatable with real case studies.

Delfin Vassallo is a digital marketing guru and international keynote speaker who’s achieved results at numerous global brands, including Nestlé, Walmart, General Motors and Nokia. Mikko Honkanen co-founded Vainu.io, an AI-focused sales-generation software company, and will walk us through how they use AI and what a Vainu project looks like. Joakim Platbarzdis is visiting from Episerver’s HQ in Stockholm, where he’s known for translating complex tech-talk into simple concepts.

Breakfast begins at 8:30 AM, and the program will begin at 9:00 AM.


Joakim Platbarzdis

Senior Product Manager at Episerver

With a solid background in IT and development, Joakim has spent the last 15 years developing smart products and solutions within the martech industry. As a Sr Product Manager at Episerver he is responsible for all the machine learning and AI for autonomous personalization initiatives in the Episerver Digital Experience Platform.

Delfin Vassallo

Digital Marketing Expert and Keynote Speaker

Multicultural digital mind who speaks in four languages and dreams in five; with a powerful digital media baggage as a result of 25 years surfing between advertising, marketing, social business and customer experience. Delfin has worked for many global brands like Nestle, Walmart, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Chrysler, General Motors, Volkswagen, Barclays, Nokia and Microsoft. Currently Marketing Director at BItbar Technologies, the fastest-growing mobile developer platform.

Mikko Honkanen

Co-founder of Vainu.io

Mikko Honkanen is a co-founder of Vainu.io, one of the fastest growing AI-powered sales intelligence vendors in the world. Mikko has studied at Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Oxford and has spent his career building and managing sales and customer teams both in the Nordics and in the U.S. Vainu is known for finding many use cases for AI to boost productivity in a smart and effective manner.

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