In ten years, healthcare will look completely different in Finland, and you can be part of it. Do you have an idea that could be developed with the right partner? Do you know of a business whose innovation is just waiting to be used? Or have you run into possibilities from different sectors that, if combined, would give birth to something big, but ‘someone’ has to do ‘something’ to take it forward?

Yes, you!

We are now searching for entrepreneurs and businesses that can imagine themselves as part of the health future. This means anything—from the forest industry, functional foods, wearables to technology and medicine in all its forms.

The Life Science Growth Project is a commercial endeavor that aims to create 100 million euros’ worth of new business opportunities in Finland by discretely matching companies that might not normally think to co-create together. It is based on Team Finland’s Way Forward Project.

Finland has an abundance of life science projects; why, you might ask, would you join this one? What’s in it for you?

We posed this very question to Jonas Stjernberg, executive consultant from Eera, with whom we’ve teamed up to make this project a success.

“There are two main things that distinguish this project from others. First, it is first and foremost commercial. Second, this project is facilitated by Eera’s professional business consultants, who specialize in innovating and jump-starting commercial ecosystems.”

Eera has been behind many successful projects in Finland, including the birth of an innovative ecosystem called MaaS Global, a completely new way of approaching transportation as a service. It disrupted the whole way of thinking about mobility, placing the passenger first and only after that the transportation provider. With this we can see that bringing disperse conventional players together in an innovative ecosystem is possible. Now the Life Science Growth Project is looking to replicate the effort with the life sciences and digital health: to create the healthcare of the future.

What’s in it for you?

“First we conduct an interview to get your ideas. Then, if you qualify, we offer—free of charge—market and business intelligence to qualify the ideas; project management to jump-start business planning; company match-making to discretely get the job done; and finally, meeting facilitation,” Stjernberg summarizes. “In addition to the health technology and pharmaceutical sectors, we’re currently looking for innovative ideas from areas such as wearables, functional foods, nanocellulose and open data sectors,” he says.

So far, the project has created several business ecosystem opportunities with over 30 million euros of business potential. There is still time to join! Just consider this: can your business be part of the future of healthcare? And remember: Innovation knows no boundaries!