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Hybrid Event

Transatlantic Opportunity: Deep Dive into the Finnish-U.S. Trade, Investment, and Economic Relationship

Thursday, April 13, 3:45 PM – 6:00 PM
Epicenter Helsinki & Virtually

Event Details

Join us for the latest updates on the economic and investment relationship between Finland and the United States, where we are now and what is to come. Covering digital trade, energy, and more, we are at a pivotal point and must build shared resiliency and move towards a sustainable transatlantic economy. Hear from key transatlantic experts on the latest trends, insights and data.  A comprehensive report will be released at the event.

U.S. Ambassador Douglas Hickey will provide opening remarks. Nordea economist Juho Kostiainen will provide an economic outlook.


A panel discussion will feature:

  • Juhani Hintikka, President and CEO of WithSecure
  • Antti Järvinen, Google, Country Director
  • Susan Repo, CFO of ICEYE
  • Hanna Ristola, Group CEO and Managing Director, PreMix
For more information contact:

Cindy Kent

Director of Communications & Network Impact

+358 50 4303443