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thrive in Finland

Making global business a local success. Built for leaders of international companies in Finland

  • Networking and personal introductions
  • Business insights and best practices
  • Advocacy platform and access to decision makers
  • Tools, information and inspiration to grow your effectiveness as a Country Manager in Finland
  • The opportunity to influence the Finnish business environment
  • Crash Courses on Finnish politics and business culture
  • Coaching for foreign leaders arriving to Finland

Who leads Thrive in Finland?
Meet Rosa Thurman

Rosa Thurman |
+358 45 699 5997

This is Rosa.
She heads up Thrive in Finland. She’s also responsible for FDI and international talent-related issues

  • Started at Financial Times and then worked 10+ years for financial data and media companies, including Thomson Financial and Bloomberg. Her clients included investment banks, hedge funds and big corporations.
  • Before moving back to Finland, Rosa was the General Manager for FBCC (Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce), helping Finnish companies establish their operations in the U.K.
  • In charge of the Foreign Affiliate network consisting of 90+ international companies and their Country Managers.
  • Rosa is Co-chair of the Advisory Board, which provides relevant insights from the community of international companies in Finland.
  • Improves the visibility of international companies’ sustainability practices and impact in Finland through collaborative events and discussion
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Curiosity
  • Open-mindedness


Rosa’s mission is to bring people together to initiate a positive change, whether it’s for individuals, businesses or society as a whole.

Country Manager Network

A cross-industry platform for Country Managers and others in similar roles to share industry insights and best practices with peers in a confidential and safe environment. Amcham CMN meets for themed morning breakfast sessions every quarter.


Advisory Board

Amcham’s Advisory Board represents the international business community and helps us shape the services that foreign affiliates need to succeed in Finland.

They also work with us to develop rolling policy issues that will improve Finland’s business environment overall, including innovation and internationalization.

Political Crash Course

Curated by our policy officer, the political crash course provides C-level executives with the essential information they need to navigate the Finnish political system and business environment.  

Our Insights

We regularly partner with research organizations to uncover the latest insights. Together with expert input from our members, these form the basis of our policy recommendations.

Sustainability Focus

Sustainable companies have a competitive advantage, and they attract and manage top talent.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues are important to Amcham Finland members. Many of them are at the forefront of their respective industries and have been on the journey for some time, while others are trying to find their way to a sustainable future. Thrive discussions and events facilitate best practice sharing and promotion of the ways in which our members are committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the Finnish economy and society.

  • Engages members with inspirational & informative events, roundtable discussions and panels on key sustainability issues
  • Helps companies understand sustainability in the ‘Finnish context’. What are your company’s best sustainability assets and how should you communicate them to compound your efforts?
  • Promotes Amcham members’ commitment to sustainable business practices and making a positive difference in Finland.
  • Facilitates best-practice sharing between businesses, industries and NGOs
  • Inspires by providing insights and examples about successful sustainability practices both in Finland and globally
  • Encourages international companies to contribute to the Finnish national sustainability agenda