1,700 startups, 700 investors and 200 speakers. Those are Slush 2015’s impressive numbers.

The growth, hype and buzz surrounding Slush nowadays is outstanding. Helsinki’s annual Slush event is gaining tons of media attention and drawing more international investors each year.

Just last evening, our Launchpad USA program hosted a Slush side-event at the Radisson Blu Plaza. Headed by Mike Klyszeiko, the program is designed to be your guide to setting up shop in the US. From assessing risks to visa requirements, Launchpad USA prepares and connects your business to the right partners in North America.

Savvy startup gurus and investors sitting down, face-to-face, and talking potential business is an exhilarating scene. After a warm welcoming speech by Mike Klyszeiko and Erika Sauer, Managing Director of Amcham New York, there was a brief Q&A between Chris Pfaff, CEO of CPTM Tech Media, and Urmas Peiker, Co-Founder of Funderbeam. For the rest of the dynamic evening, 120 companies picked Mike’s and Erika’s brains about how the Launchpad USA program helps companies make it in the US.


Chris Pfaff, CEO of CPTM Tech Media, and Urmas Peiker, Co-Founder of Funderbeam


As the international business hub in the region, we at Amcham think the Nordics is a fantastic place to work, live and do business in. There is a reason why this pocket of the world continually receives recognition for happy people, social idealism, economic growth and innovative advancements. The New North is where it’s at. Companies increasingly refer to the Nordic countries as one marketplace with profitable business opportunities, and it’s our job to leverage the region as much as possible.

We, at Amcham, welcome new Slush visitors to Helsinki with open arms. We love seeing startups from Northern Europe and beyond establish connections or business opportunities with eager investors. Magic before our eyes.

Never hesitate to reach out to get in touch with us. We’re happy to tell you about the opportunities in Finland and more.

We hope you learn, do and see everything on your list at Slush! Come again next year!

By: Lauren Ayala