The love affair between the U.S. market and Nordic growth companies is intensifying. We asked Chris Moschovitis, a U.S.-based Amcham Finland member, why.

The answer may surprise you.

Several recent surveys show that Nordic companies are showing greater interest toward the U.S. market. The question then is, how can they be properly prepared?

Chris Moschovitis should know. He has run an independent consulting firm,Tmg-emedia, that has worked with several companies from the Nordic region since 1989.

He says a realistic assessment of your competency levels is a critical first step. Denial is your worst enemy. What are the things to consider and what can Tmg do to help?

We had a chat with Chris Moschovitis, himself, to learn more about what has made tmg-emedia’s rise to the top a true American dream.

Chris, tell us a little about Tmg-emedia. What value do you bring to your customers as an independent consulting firm?

I’m not going to be modest, but I can back my claim up: tmg-emedia brings to the table unparalleled value. As an independent technology consulting firm with over 26 years of experience and with practice areas ranging from strategic consulting, cyber security, governance, and software development to IT management, we provide real, actionable results and feedback to companies in the U.S., as well as those intent on entering the U.S. market.

There you have it. We know what we are doing, and our partners love it.

You have worked with several companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark as they’ve made their way into the U.S. What do you think is the most exciting thing about the Nordics right now?

Very often they have a strong focus on context. They think in a mature way. They are holistic. And that makes them exceptionally exciting.

What was your motivation for joining Amcham Finland?

Oh, that was easy. We want to partner with great, driven companies. It’s a no-brainer. That’s exactly what Amcham Finland represents and the companies it puts us in touch with.

Amcham Finland has been able to bring together great people and companies from both sides of the Atlantic. The value is in those relationships. At the end of the day, the sum becomes larger than its parts.

That it really great to hear! Thanks. As a final question, how are you different – better – from other companies in the same space?

Our key to success in business is engagement – deep, personal engagement with the people we partner with and the goals at hand. Like Amcham Finland, like the Nordics, we’re not about transactions. We are about relationships.

Thank you Chris and tmg-emedia. That was inspiring. We’re thrilled to have you in the community.

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