As the voice of international business, Amcham is committed to building a competitive business environment in Finland and creating sustainable transatlantic business ties through diverse networks, superior quality programs and cross-industry advocacy.

Amcham is effective representative of and network for foreign affiliates and transatlantic business in Finland; and a trusted discussion partner for the public sector, facilitating a sustainably prosperous Finland and Finnish commercial success in the U.S.

Policy Issues


Foreign affiliates and foreign direct investment (FDI) spur job growth and bring long-term benefits to the Finnish economy.


60% of global GDP will be digitized by the end of 2021, yet Finland’s digital competitiveness is increasingly fragile. Finland has the capacity to stay ahead of the curve and become a global digital leader through proactive government leadership in digital transformation and routine multi-stakeholder meetings with leading industry voices.


Ensuring availability of talent is essential to attract FDI and promote Finland as a center of excellence for innovation. To foster this, we believe that Finland should streamline its immigration process for skilled migrants, allow for greater flexibility in the labor market, and invest in upskilling the domestic workforce.


Kansainväliset yhtiöt ja ulkomaiset suorat investoinnit luovat työpaikkoja ja tuovat pitkäaikaisia hyötyjä suomalaiselle taloudelle.


60% maailmanlaajuisesta BKT:stä on digitaalista vuoden 2021 loppuun mennessä. Suomen digitaalinen kilpailukykyisyys on tähän nähden hauras, mutta sillä on yhä mahdollisuus kehittyä digitalisaation edelläkävijäksi. Valtiolta tämä vaatii proaktiivista johtamista sekä säännöllistä yhteistyötä eri sidosryhmien ja alan asiantuntijoiden kanssa.


Suomi voi vetää puoleensa ulkomaisia investointeja ja edistää omaa asemaansa innovaation keskuksena varmistamalla osaamisen saatavuuden. Saavuttaakseen tämän, Suomen tulee selkeyttää ulkomaisen työvoiman lupakäytäntöjä, luoda työmarkkinoille lisää joustavuutta ja investoida paikalliseen täydennyskoulutukseen.

Our Policy Impact

Working Groups

Our working groups convene industry experts around key themes for international business in Finland.

These discussions are a vital part of developing Amcham’s policy advocacy.  


Harnessing talent from top legal firms and in-house counsel throughout the Amcham membership network, our Legal Committee facilitates international business and considers best practices in key areas, including intellectual property and taxation.


Amcham’s Digital Working Group brings together leading tech industry voices to discuss best practices in digital transformation and support Finland’s digital policymaking.

Chair: Kimmo Havu

Managing Director SAS
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Life Science

The Life Science Working Group facilitates positive and constructive public-private dialogue to improve the operating environment for life science businesses in Finland.

Our Insights

We regularly partner with research organizations to uncover the latest insights. Together with expert input from our members, these form the basis of our policy recommendations.

Political Crash Course

Curated by our policy officer, the political crash course provides C-level executives with the essential information they need to navigate the Finnish political system and business environment.  

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