T-Media – Analytics and Advisory

T-Media has developed the world’s best tools to analyze the state of your organization’s reputation. We help you to define a strategic focus to leverage your reputation and responsibility assets – and to come up with actionable outcomes.

More than 200 organizations operating in 49 markets are already using T-Media’s services. Our MBA and PhD level experts are ready to help you.

At the heart of T-Media’s analytics services, Reputation&Trust is the state-of-the art model for reputation analytics. Reputation&Trust offers a uniform research model to assess the state of an organization’s reputation among the general public, the organization’s employer image, its media relations and other aspects of stakeholder relations

Our advisory unit, T-Media Relations, specializes in strategic reputation and sustainability management. Our proprietary tools, Responsibility Forcefield and Reputation Platform, feature a hand-picked selection of the best models and practices in global business thinking.