Egbert Schram Is the Amchampion of the Year

When one thinks of the most globally savvy person in Finland, Egbert Schram comes to mind – and with the data and statistics to back it up. On top of his cultural awareness, garnered through a career of helping businesses make the most of cultural differences, it’s his generosity and excellent use of the Amcham Finland community as a resource that have earned him this year’s Amchampion of the Year award. Congratulations!

And the Winner Is…

When you are an Amcham member, you are telling the world that you work for a modern company with a global outlook; that you stand for a can-do and problem-solving attitude towards business. You believe that business is stronger when done together and that it’s important to bring intensity and energy to your work. Community is more than just a buzz word.

Oliver Rittgen is a Powerhouse

Oliver Rittgen has been a formidable powerhouse in Finland over the past six and a half years. During that time, as CEO of Bayer Nordic based out of Espoo, he’s grown the company to new heights. Bayer is now a central player in the aim to make Finland the life science hub of Europe, and much of this is due to Rittgen’s insights, determination and vision. Now, he is moving on to a new position. Congratulations!

New CEO, New Beginnings

The Board of Directors has appointed Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson as the new CEO of Amcham Finland. We warmly welcome Alexandra to her new position! She will start working September 1 part time remotely from Texas and full time in Helsinki starting January 1, 2018.

Getting Ready for the Next Government Agenda

The next Finnish government – if all goes as usual – will start its term around the summer of 2019. It may seem like there is an abundance of time to prepare for the next government negotiations, but it’s an illusion. All the planning, coalition-building and general preparation are already underway. One could say that the next government has already started its work.

SOTE Means Business

When you’re remodeling your apartment, you don’t think, “this is going to look awful.” Instead, you think, “It’s up to me; I’m going to make it amazing!” This is how Ville Koiste, Specialist for the Capacity for Renewal at SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund, summed up SOTE (the Health and Social Care Reform) at a Life Science Group event recently.

The Rise of Ecosystems

The changing face of healthcare is altering traditional business models. People are put at the center when focus is shifted from acute to preventive care. This brings about new ways of thinking: people are empowered to take care of themselves based on information relevant to them as individuals.

The Future Wants You

  In ten years, healthcare will look completely different in Finland, and you can be part of it. Do you have an idea that could be developed with the right partner? Do you know of a business whose innovation is just waiting to be used? Or have you run into possibilities from different sectors that, [...]