Be the Edge

Where are you grooming your talent? We mean, your talent! Personally.   We hope you feel proud when there’s new investment coming to your neck of the woods. Because all things being equal, it is talent that attracts investment. That’s the critical factor. So, smile.   This in...

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16 February

Digital Paradox: You Need the Face Time

It was so useful to talk about digital transformation that the seventeen C.E.O.s in the room swore to continue the dialogue.   “Top management is not really up to speed about the digital disruption.” That’s what Petteri Poutiainen, Salesforce’s Country Manager in Finland, hears quite frequently.   Petteri begs...

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09 February

Hot Cool Brand

Michel Dallemagne has done it with Dove, Sunsilk and TRESemme. Now the freshly minted C.E.O. is building a global brand for Lumene.   Michel makes it clear right off the bat. There are some must-get-rights of successful branding.   “A brand story has got to be emotionally appealing and...

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07 February
190116, Jouko Pölönen kuvattu OP:n pääkonttorin asiakaspalvelupisteessä Vallilassa.

The Winner Shares It All

Collaboration is not just the best way to excel in today’s world – it’s the only way, says OP’s Jouko Pölönen. Why does a Finnish financial group go into building hospitals? Or, for that matter, is extremely active at Amcham Finland? We applaud both, make...

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17 January

Savvy and Connected

How can we make Finland a more globally savvy and connected market? That’s what we as a business community asked ourselves four years ago. The answer was: By making Amcham a true international business hub that enables the success of its members and, as a...

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11 January

Promoting Change in 2017

You have come to know Amcham as a champion of inward investment and top talent. As the new Head of Advocacy, I’m happy to assure you that that is the one thing that is not going to change. My main goal is to drive diversification...

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10 January

New Year Brings Nordic Expansion

With opening up an office in Stockholm, Amcham will be closer to its growing membership in the Scandinavian countries. Tuomo K. Keinänen, a seasoned business executive, served for two years on the advisory board of Amcham’s investment program, so the transition has been smooth. Tuomo...

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04 January

Health Business Calls for New Ventures

The Life Science Group has initiated a project that breaks down barriers and pursues real opportunities to grow business cross-industry.    On December 13, Amcham Finland launched a new project in the life-science industry. The LS Growth Project is staffed with seasoned business-development professionals, who will systematically...

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15 December

The Catalyst That Means Business

The new Life Science Group gives companies business-development support they thought they’d never have.   Finland has a thriving life science business sector with hundreds of companies and dozens of pharma or life science related universities and institutions.   What else does Finland have? Extensive health data and...

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12 December

The Latest From Launchpad USA

2016 marks another year of growth for the Launchpad USA program – in Finland, the U.S. and the rest of the world. Events such as Lift Off EdTech NYC and The Future of Learning have made waves that the program expects to ride into 2017...

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29 November

Making Sense of the Trump Victory

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. president was an event unlike any other. I don’t think the world has ever experienced a political ascension so universally interesting and riveting. News-media outlets everywhere broke visitor records. There seemed to be no one, including...

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11 November

Half of the Answer to the World’s Problems

As of this year, only 4.6% of S&P 500 companies had female CEOs. That’s 45.4% of female leadership we’re missing out on. Amcham’s most recent Women’s Network on Life-Changing Moments in Leadership featured two distinguished individuals with impressive backgrounds as leaders....

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04 November

New Top Expertise at Amcham

Got your Brexit, product launch and advocacy figured out? Don’t worry. As the markets move, so do we. Meet our new team members.       Rosa Thurman has recently started as the Director of Investment Programs. She’s lived in London for most of her working life, first in...

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02 November

The Finnish Mystery: Why So Little FDI?

By Eva Rytter Sunesen   Finland outperforms the rest of the EU when it comes to having an attractive climate for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). So far, Finland hasn’t been able to transform the favourable policy framework into significant FDI inflows. Finland thus foregoes much needed capital,...

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14 October

Top Five Trends in Global M&A

Amcham's most recent Executive Forum followed the story of Panu Routila, C.E.O. of Konecranes and his first 100 days managing the company.   Johannes Piha of Borenius was also in attendance as an expert in the topic at hand.   It's not only the China factor changing the game. Here...

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28 September