Brexit and the Importance of Continuity

Following a fantastically enjoyable visit to Finland a few weeks ago to discuss the UK Government’s approach to our future trade policy, I have been reflecting on the importance of consistency, certainty and continuity in everything we do in our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, but would I have gone or indeed been comfortable [...]

Stop Being Afraid and Start Loving E-Commerce

Recently, Amcham Finland hosted the event ‘Stay on Top of the E-Commerce Shake-Up’ in order to outline the concrete steps Finnish companies can take to transform with the changing face of retail. According to Ed Kennedy, the e-commerce strategist from Episerver, the most frightening person in the world for retailers is most likely Jeff Bezos, [...]

Health as a Business Case

Member company Aino Health Management’s business model is to show that proactive, preventative healthcare and well-being is in the interest of HR departments and companies overall. They’ve developed tools by which data can be harnessed to help employees remain healthy and content and hence productive and engaged. In the context of global markets, companies can’t afford to lose out on this productivity.

Maturin Tchoumi Leads Roche through Finland’s Tipping Point

Maturin Tchoumi, General Manager for the pharmaceutical giant Roche in Finland, is on a journey. It has taken him from his family farm in Cameroon to Tours, France for a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences; Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire; Johannesburg, South Africa; San Francisco Bay Area, USA; and most recently Mumbai, India. He arrived in Finland eight weeks ago to fine-tune his leadership skills in a European context through another senior leadership position.

A New York Gentleman’s State of Mind

A long-time friend to Amcham Finland and Amchampion of the Year nominee, Michael Student is Counsel in the Corporate Department of Sullivan & Worcester’s New York City office located on Broadway at Times Square. His first trip to Finland was in 1987, and he has represented many Finnish companies in the U.S. since then.

The I’m Blue Crew Makes a Good Brew

Most of our readers are experienced business men and women. But are you entrepreneurs? How would you fare with the following challenge? Along with a few likeminded strangers, throw EUR 40 each into a pot. Then build a successful business using only that money as capital.

Connecting the Dots to Create Value

It was a hot, summer day in gorgeous Tuscany. We arrived in a small village in Chianti, where we’d heard there was an amazing ice cream place. Driving around, we searched, but had no luck. We had already given up when suddenly – there it was, right in front of us. I had lime-basil ice cream, something I’d never imagined as a combination, but it worked: delicious.

Finland’s Gateway to the World

Helsinki Airport (HEL) is the best-connected airport in the Nordics, which gives a competitive advantage to the Finnish economy is some unforeseen ways. Tourism, of course, brings cash flow into the country, but it’s the ripple effect of connectedness, which induces corporations to set up regional headquarters here, for example, that may have the biggest effect on the Finnish economy. If you’re a director of a Beijing-based company (PEK), you might enjoy knowing you can make it home from Helsinki in 7.5 hours.

Meet the Member of the Year: Borenius

Borenius Attorneys Ltd has won the Member of the Year award at this year’s Amchampion Awards due to their activeness in providing their expertise, networks, resources and insights to the community. They know how to get the most out of Amcham. Congratulations!