New Top Expertise at Amcham

Got your Brexit, product launch and advocacy figured out? Don’t worry. As the markets move, so do we. Meet our new team members.       Rosa Thurman has recently started as the Director of Investment Programs. She’s lived in London for most of her working life, first in...

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02 November

The Finnish Mystery: Why So Little FDI?

By Eva Rytter Sunesen   Finland outperforms the rest of the EU when it comes to having an attractive climate for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). So far, Finland hasn’t been able to transform the favourable policy framework into significant FDI inflows. Finland thus foregoes much needed capital,...

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14 October

Top Five Trends in Global M&A

Amcham's most recent Executive Forum followed the story of Panu Routila, C.E.O. of Konecranes and his first 100 days managing the company.   Johannes Piha of Borenius was also in attendance as an expert in the topic at hand.   It's not only the China factor changing the game. Here...

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28 September

Rookie of the Year Blic Advocates with Amcham

Member company Blic has been instrumental in beefing up Amcham’s advocacy arm. It’s no wonder, the community elected the newcomer Rookie of the Year 2016. The network works on a give and take basis - Amcham gathers key issues from its members and gives them a...

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09 September

The Active Season? What’s That?

It’s your calendar in Global Business Smarts for the next ten months. But the Active Season is also a navigation tool that will help us know what you need – and you to know where to go next.   We’ve always been very clear about our...

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24 August

U.S. Visas – Dos and Don’ts

Applying for a U.S. visa for yourself or your company does not have to be a daunting task.   If you plan well and choose the right visa, you can expect the process to go smoothly.   This spring we had Amcham partner and experienced immigration lawyer Ceridwen Koski...

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28 July
diversity part 3

Is Diverse Also Better? (Or Just More Fun) Part 3

The Amcham team represents six nationalities: American, British, Canadian, Estonian, Finnish and Greek. (Over the years, we’ve had fourteen of them. And six religions. And seven mother tongues.)   According to research, organizations with more diversity in their workforce grow and outperform those with less.   Let’s hear what...

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28 June

The 2016 Amchampion Awards Nominees

It’s that time of year again – the annual Amchampion Awards are here!   We’re proud to have had a record year, welcoming an impressive number of diverse additions to our growing network.   It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, what matters is where you’re going. There’s one...

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21 June
Parliament 3

Finnish Politics Gets a Facelift

This weekend was full of excitement for political junkies, with three national parties choosing a new leader, and plenty of new policy directions taken by four. But what business impact might it have? We have Arto Virtanen from Hill & Knowlton Strategies and our own...

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15 June
ari blog

Reaching Higher with Ari Huusela

A man, his boat, and the best-laid plans. When we think of sailing, we think of sun, sea and – for most of us – sailing is seen as a leisure activity. For Ari Huusela, solo sailor and Finnair pilot, sailing is no picnic. It...

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01 June

Guru Gives Recipe for Creating Value

Clear clutter. Reduce friction. Build capability. Channel energy. Sandy Ogg’s message is built on experience backed by research. A 30-year veteran of 310.5 billion dollar private equity firm Blackstone, he has observed and learned what the world’s best – and worst – CEOs have in...

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25 May