Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field

  Our legal committee gathered together to continue discussions about themes related to digitalization, the topic throughout the year. We had the opportunity to visit DLA Piper Finland and hear about their experiences applying artificial intelligence in the legal field. They are at the cutting edge by developing a platform called Kira, and pushing the [...]


Amcham Finland is a community of people that advances the exchange of all sorts of things in Finland and beyond: goods, services, experiences, knowledge, relationships and much more. It facilitates people being part of the world in a more meaningful way. It’s a door-opener and connector: a way to meet others, who in turn open new possibilities. We drive our members’ interests at nearly all levels—from the intimately personal to the hard facts and cold dollar bills.

A Spectrum of Health

According to Managing Director Mikko Vasama, Philips is nowadays “100% health technology”. Everything they now do can be linked back to health. This may come as a bit of a surprise, so we sat down to talk with him some more. Healthcare is to be taken as a continuum, from brushing one’s teeth and preventing [...]

Nordea and Launchpad USA Join Forces

Nordea has signed a year-long agreement with Amcham Finland’s Launchpad USA program. Launchpad USA offers business assistance in entering the U.S. market based on real-life experience, practical know-how and insight into the market. Launchpad USA has successfully helped nearly one hundred businesses from the Nordics and Baltics to prepare and establish themselves in the U.S. market. Recently, the program has also been established in Croatia and Jamaica.

Now, Bring Home the Power

What will it take for Helsinki to successfully compete for global companies’ Northern European headquarters? A group of Amcham executives is ready to dig out the answer.

The 2017 Amchampion Awards Nominees

Every year we are privileged to recognize those that have really gone above and beyond – those Amchampions who have taken it upon themselves to go the extra mile in improving the business environment and facilitating Amcham’s mission.