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Share Your Vision

We believe in openness, so let’s let air in.   Things could be better.   Not too long ago, the air was filled with optimism. The drive for internationalization in Finland and the greater Nordics was palpable. Was that just a phase? Are we allowing ourselves to get...

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19 February
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More sales. Less stress.

With B2B sales becoming more fiercely competitive, businesses are forced to look for ways to improve their sales teams’ proficiency and efficiency. By any means necessary? Sales seminars and week-long training sessions have gone the way of the door-to-door salesman. With the ushering in of the...

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16 December
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Protecting code is the new must

Imagine building a company and working on its brand and product for years only to notice that someone has replicated your business. According to an Estonian company Checktocashup, counterfeiting is a bigger problem than ever before. As reported by Industryweek, one of every ten technology products...

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30 November
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Welcome to Slush 2015!

1,700 startups, 700 investors and 200 speakers. Those are Slush 2015’s impressive numbers.   The growth, hype and buzz surrounding Slush nowadays is outstanding. Helsinki’s annual Slush event is gaining tons of media attention and drawing more international investors each year.   Just last evening, our Launchpad USA program...

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12 November