Fly High, Land Safely

If the authorities decide to make an unannounced inspection – is your company ready? Crisis management plans are important. They may save you your company and your career.

Managing Your Diversity Portfolio

Fact: Multicultural teams outperform homogeneous ones. Fact: The addition of one “foreigner” to a team increases financial turnover. Fact: Cultural differences can enhance our work environments. But let’s be honest. It’s not always easy.

Influencing in a Post-Truth World

Corporate citizens have much to contribute. Now we know how they’d like to do it. We called up the Amcham membership to discuss how they think influencing should happen in today’s day and age. That’s a hot topic for several reasons.

Be the Edge

Where are you grooming your talent? We mean, your talent! Personally. We hope you feel proud when there’s new investment coming to your neck of the woods. Because all things being equal, it is talent that attracts investment. That’s the critical factor. So, smile.

Digital Paradox: You Need the Face Time

It was so useful to talk about digital transformation that the seventeen C.E.O.s in the room swore to continue the dialogue. “Top management is not really up to speed about the digital disruption.” That’s what Petteri Poutiainen, Salesforce’s Country Manager in Finland, hears quite frequently.

Hot Cool Brand

Michel Dallemagne has done it with Dove, Sunsilk and TRESemme. Now the freshly minted C.E.O. is building a global brand for Lumene. Michel makes it clear right off the bat. There are some must-get-rights of successful branding.

Digitalization: To Boldly Go Beyond the Buzzword

Digitalization, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence are the “next big thing” in technology and trade. They’re expected to fundamentally transform various industry functions and our everyday lives much like the industrial revolution once did, but a lot quicker.

Savvy and Connected

How can we make Finland a more globally savvy and connected market? That’s what we as a business community asked ourselves four years ago. The answer was: By making Amcham a true international business hub that enables the success of its members and, as a consequence, of the market as a whole.