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Get the Edge – Improve Productivity

Meet Efecte – a member company that both provides and breaths efficiency. We had a chance to speak with C.E.O. Sakari “Sakke” Suhonen. Sakke, your company is known for rapid growth, an excellent work environment and innovation. In fact, Efecte has been awarded in all three...

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26 October

Employee with a pulse – do you still need one?

Are robots more valuable than humans? As we make our way through this digitalized age, one thing becomes apparent: jobs are being eliminated by the minute. New technologies are doing human jobs more quickly, efficiently and correctly. Machines make no errors. But now, robots are...

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12 October
The office was opened by Investor Poju Zabludowicz, Managing Director Erika Sauer, Minister of Foreign Affairs Timo Soini, and Group C.E.O. Kristiina Helenius.

New U.S. home in the heart of NYC, Times Square

Companies from Finland and the other Nordic countries now have an even better landing pad in the U.S. market as the Helsinki-based, b-to-b network Amcham Finland moves its New York operations into bigger premises in Times Square.   Poju Zabludowicz, Chairman of Tamares, the owners of 1500...

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04 October

America: Now What?

A country of five million people compared to a country of 350 million people.   The difference is staggering.   Tackling the US market from Finland can be daunting. Size aside, it’s an aggressive, demanding and extremely competitive market. It’s also chock full of powerful, efficient and highly lucrative...

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17 September

Season of the Startup – Road to Slush 2015

In a little over two months, Helsinki will be the talk of the town when thousands of tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and journalists from around the world will meet for the largest tech startup event outside of Silicon Valley - Slush. While the Helsinki version...

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04 September

Backstage business at Finland’s premier airshow

Where can you look if you want to see some of the most exciting tech advancements? To the skies, of course!   The nation’s biggest aviation event – the Turku International Airshow - is here again. Along with the iconic fighter jet and acrobatic flight displays above, you’ll find...

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04 June

Talent shortage there – talent surplus here

Skills shortages around the world show no signs of abating, as employers continue to struggle to find the talent they need. But Finland may just have an upper hand.   Technically skilled engineers are hot in demand, particularly in Europe and Asia, according to a global snapshot...

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22 May

Cool tech, hot startups – Launchpad’s new recruits

Business and investment opportunities – just like Amcham – are borderless. For investors, the Nordic countries are often seen as one.   That’s why we continue to build ties with our neighboring chambers. Since March, members of AmCham Estonia have been able to access our flagship program Launchpad...

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13 May

Nordic by Nature: CEOs united on investment front

Mature. Competitive. Early adopters. These are just some characteristics that give businesses in the Nordic countries an edge. The trend towards Nordification, however, goes beyond company traits. It’s the rapid transformation of national markets into one Nordic economy – a place we call the New...

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30 April

Raising the Bar: Amcham’s Legal Committee

Maria Troberg felt slightly nervous as a junior associate amongst the cadre of senior lawyers at her first Amcham Legal committee meeting.   “All the other lawyers seemed so experienced. It was very much a partner-level gathering,” the now Nokia Senior Legal Counsel, recalls.   That was three years...

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24 April

Can your lawyer keep your secrets?

Confiding fully in your lawyer without having what you disclose used against you is a cornerstone of the legal profession. Clients and legal professionals alike can take it for granted that what they discuss freely won’t later be disclosed to authorities.   In legal lingo this is...

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24 April

Finland’s got foreign talent? Attracting skilled workers

Canadian Alexandre Marchand, 25, is the kind of immigrant Finland needs more of: highly-trained and hard-working. However, the bureaucracy in Finland does not always make life easy.   Marchand is working in an international Finnish company's financial department, on a half-year fixed-term contract. He got a continuation...

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17 April