Promoting Change in 2017

You have come to know Amcham as a champion of inward investment and top talent. As the new Head of Advocacy, I’m happy to assure you that that is the one thing that is not going to change.

Health Business Calls for New Ventures

On December 13, Amcham Finland launched a new project in the life-science industry. The LS Growth Project is staffed with seasoned business-development professionals, who will systematically spot, vet and connect health-sector companies. The goal is to facilitate ecosystem innovation across industries. In other words, the experts look to prompt the companies to launch completely new businesses in sweet spots that have until now gone unnoticed or at least untapped.

Half of the Answer to the World’s Problems

As of this year, only 4.6% of S&P 500 companies had female CEOs. That’s 45.4% of female leadership we’re missing out on. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a study that does not support diversity in any kind of team environment. Amcham’s most recent Women’s Network on Life-Changing Moments in Leadership featured two distinguished individuals with impressive backgrounds as leaders.

Military Procurements Call for Smart Resourcing

Asko Lindqvist is confident in Finland’s operational and technical competency to carry out the SQ2020 and HX Fighter Program procurements and highlights the importance of focusing upon the commercial and legal requirements. Preparations for the pending procurements are well underway and have already been visible on the streets of Helsinki. There have been frequent visits [...]

The Military-Industrial Complex

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and often times, brilliant innovation. A robust system of checks and balances is how we remain resilient in times of desperation.