Huippuosaaminen – kupla vai mahdollisuus?

Suomessa pitäisi olla vapaana harvinaisen paljon huippuosaamista. Kuitenkin meillä on liki yhdeksän prosentin työttömyys, eivätkä ulkomaiset investoijat suoranaisesti revi ihmisiä käsistä.   Mitä sanot asiasta, ManpowerGroupin Suomen ja Baltian toimitusjohtaja Iikka Lindroos?   Tämä ei ole ihan yksipiippuinen juttu. Riippuu ensinnäkin siitä, mitä huippuosaamisella tarkoitetaan. Entä mikä on...

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21 March

Full speed ahead for Amcham Member of the Year

Lockheed Martin may be a global player in aerospace, defense and security, but it’s more than the Defense Industry Dialogue that makes Amcham its Nordic landing pad.   International Business Development Director, Northern Europe, Luc Van de Winckel, says it’s also about the non-core business opportunities that...

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19 March

Get it right by taking the steps

“US-access is a bit like a game of Monopoly,” says Mike Klyszeiko, who runs the Launchpad USA program. Really?   Well, yes, kind of.   Unlike in Monopoly, in which a roll of the dice determines the pace at which you move around the board, the Launchpad USA program...

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15 March

Digital Dream or Online Nightmare?

During 2014, it became clear that the safest place for your information is in the analog world – digital means public. You don’t have to be a geek to read the news: the Heartbleed bug was named ‘the worst vulnerability since commercial traffic began to...

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09 March

Where global investors meet

Jobs, growth and development – foreign investors are a resource worth tapping into.   The new-look Global Investors' Program Advisory Board plans to do just that when the seven executive-level members meet with Country Managers.   The board wants input to shape Amcham’s FDI agenda, and identify the opportunities that make...

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02 March

An Ombudsman for FDI? Amcham Finland explains why

Finland consistently tops global anti-corruption polls, but when it comes to making fast and transparent decisions related to foreign direct investment, the bureaucratic process is often drawn-out and murky.   That’s why Amcham Finland, on behalf of its members, is proposing that the next government appoint an...

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26 February

New North, New Opportunities: Launchpad USA expands to Estonia

Amcham Finland’s network is set to grow thanks to a new partnership with AmCham Estonia that will help more companies succeed in the world’s largest consumer market.   The development will also unlock new opportunities for Amcham Finland’s US-based community, and investors interested in tapping into the fast-developing...

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19 February

Santa in HEL? Business backs Helsinki Airport rebrand

Helsinki-Vantaa airport could become Helsinki-Santa airport in a bid to capitalize on Finland’s most famous resident.   The international business community is backing the proposal, which has been submitted to a special parliamentary committee tasked with overseeing airport expansion.   Accommodating 15 million passengers a year, Scandinavia’s leading long-haul...

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19 December
US Ambassador

Charles Adams seeks to advance economic ties

Championing the transatlantic trade partnership will be a key priority for America’s ambassador-designate to Finland. International tax and policy lawyer Mr. Charles Adams has been nominated for the posting by U.S. President Barack Obama.   TTIP, Russia relations, and the innovation-led economy were among his talking points...

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30 July

Summer time growth

Before moving to Finland four years ago, I had lived my whole life in warm sunny California. Well, apart from a few Navy postings to locations in even warmer climates. Now, I appreciate sunshine like never before. Trips to the summer cottage, mökki in Finnish, are a welcome reward...

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23 July