Santa in HEL? Business backs Helsinki Airport rebrand

Helsinki-Vantaa airport could become Helsinki-Santa airport in a bid to capitalize on Finland’s most famous resident.   The international business community is backing the proposal, which has been submitted to a special parliamentary committee tasked with overseeing airport expansion.   Accommodating 15 million passengers a year, Scandinavia’s leading long-haul...

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19 December
US Ambassador

Charles Adams seeks to advance economic ties

Championing the transatlantic trade partnership will be a key priority for America’s ambassador-designate to Finland. International tax and policy lawyer Mr. Charles Adams has been nominated for the posting by U.S. President Barack Obama.   TTIP, Russia relations, and the innovation-led economy were among his talking points...

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30 July

Summer time growth

Before moving to Finland four years ago, I had lived my whole life in warm sunny California. Well, apart from a few Navy postings to locations in even warmer climates. Now, I appreciate sunshine like never before. Trips to the summer cottage, mökki in Finnish, are a welcome reward...

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23 July

Trail blazing the American Dream

They are fresh, creative, dynamic, and increasing in numbers. They are young companies, aiming for fast development in the world’s largest consumer market, and beyond. Come and meet some of the faces from our Launchpad USA community.   Tomi is a prison guard turned locksmith. Jorma is...

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18 June

My kitchen rules

Magisso is a Finnish brand on a mission: to create innovative functional design products and place them in every kitchen in America. The man at the helm, and Amchampion of the Year, Juhani Sirén (Magisso) says its full speed ahead into the biggest consumer market in the world. “Our focus is the U.S....

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21 March

Guggenheim wants Helsinki. Why?

Let’s forget the lively discussion on whether Helsinki should welcome a new museum of modern art. Let’s just focus on why the Guggenheim foundation is interested in picking Helsinki in the first place. After all, if Guggenheim is interested, should you be, too? Right?   Amcham Finland is...

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31 October

How to ride change in 2014

Everything seems to be shifting: the way we work, connect, play, and buy. Staying in the game is a taxing demand.   Unless you learn to leverage networking.   Networking helps you pick up the weak and strong signals alike and benchmark everything you do in a manageable fashion....

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30 October

Data privacy – protect or perish!

When was the last time your organization had a data privacy health check? Prepare for the EU Data Protection Regulation.   What if customers’ personal data held by your organization were illegally or mistakenly disclosed or leaked to the public? The organization would end up in the news...

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08 October

Running the mobile future

So, how does the acquisition of Nokia’s cellphone business by Microsoft look to the Finns? Nokia is, after all, the pride of an entire nation. We’re kind of sad that an era has come to and end – thanks for asking – but of course we...

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25 September

Your Social Network

How can you make social media work in your favor?  Consider these four things before getting started. BE YOURSELF You know the person who plays the philosopher on Twitter and then makes a complete fool of himself or herself in person?  My personal favorite is the critic...

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25 September

Join the action with a special offer

  With the new Launchpad USA program, we believe every company should have full access to the many exciting opportunities it provides for growth companies – and all of us.   We decided to do something about it. [blockquote width='100'] In a unique Launchpad Offer, you can now get the Amcham...

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10 September

Building trust between 1,15 billion people

How do you translate an organization’s core values into a content strategy?   Good question.   Facebook’s content strategist Jonathon Colman, who is visiting Helsinki next week, has the answer. What do you think is the role of content strategy for businesses in general? I really like what Erin Kissane has...

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04 September

Take it from Bruce: The hub is here.

He’s a guy who is used to looking at things from a business angle. As an ambassador, he is not just taking his own advice. His job is to tell others where the economic  action is.   He thinks the New North is the next big thing.   Bruce...

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29 August