The Finnish Mystery: Why So Little FDI?

Finland outperforms the rest of the EU when it comes to having an attractive climate for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). So far, Finland hasn’t been able to transform the favourable policy framework into significant FDI inflows. Finland thus foregoes much needed capital, jobs, and knowledge.

The Wait Is Over. Finland’s Education System Travels.

Thanks to new technology, the successes of the Finnish education system can finally be implemented worldwide. Ever since Finland ranked at the top of the international education comparison PISA in 2000, there has been a raging global debate on whether the winning factors can be implemented beyond Finland. First, to the great disappointment of education [...]

An Unlikely Match? Rauli Mård Wins Amchampion of the Year

Through Amcham, Rauli Mård found a professional team, entered the U.S. market and scaled up his artist-centric business. Now he’s the Amchampion of the Year 2016. It all started two years ago in a café in the city of Lahti. Artist Rauli Mård was reading the latest Ilta-Sanomat, Finland’s evening newspaper. On the front page [...]

Rookie of the Year Blic Advocates with Amcham

Member company Blic has been instrumental in beefing up Amcham’s advocacy arm. It’s no wonder, the community elected the newcomer Rookie of the Year 2016. The network works on a give and take basis – Amcham gathers key issues from its members and gives them a voice, while members use Amcham’s platform as a foundation [...]

The Active Season? What’s That?

It’s your calendar in Global Business Smarts for the next ten months. But the Active Season is also a navigation tool that will help us know what you need – and you to know where to go next.