Countdown to the USA is on

Has your company set its eyes on the US market?  Great. Join the club.   Amcham Finland and AmCham Estonia are pleased to present you with a new improved option for going to the largest market in the world. The new member program Launchpad USA has kicked...

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28 August

6 ways to make networking work for you!

Networking is like a pill. We might or might not like it but most times have to take it. Learning how to deal with it will just make it easier and gradually more pleasurable when the after effects are experienced.   With these six tips...

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05 August

On Amcham’s slush fund and surreptitious agenda

We are extremely proud that Amcham Finland is 100% member-funded. Yet many people have great difficulty comprehending and believing just that: that Amcham Finland is 100% member-funded.   We need to talk!   Money is a touchy topic, especially when dealing with people or organizations that are perceived to...

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24 February

The United States boosts Helsinki as a regional hub

The US government is opening a USD 125 million business building in downtown Helsinki. The space is a one-of-a-kind tool to enhance trade and investment between the United States and Europe at the center of the rapidly developing Northern European market.   In tough economic times, investments...

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20 January

The future X-ray has arrived

Fredrik Henckel has found the passion of his life. The new AmChampion, hailing from Stockholm, knows how to inspect hard-to-crack products such as cavities in cheese, chocolate and candy, fish bone, cans, electronic appliances, or counterfeit products.  He’d like you to find out, too. There is...

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18 January